Head: Ripper

Upper Body: Rip Cord

Lower Body: Rampart

Gun: Cobra Commander/Repeater

Backpack: ?

Burris is a bounty hunter who runs in certain dubious circles, he can often be found co-mingling with Gable's crew of gun runners off the ports of Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand, which happens to be where he's from. He speaks with one of those almost indistinguishable New Zealand accents, and he smokes, cusses, drinks, chases skirt, the usual faire you'll find from these motley sorts.

His travels, and bounties also find him travelling up north though, even as far as Antartica, where he has had run in's with Joe and Cobra as they both have stations in those parts.

He's a man of few alliances, perhaps to Gable and Gable's crew, but even then that's tenious, he pretty much goes where the money takes him.

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