Arms-Ripper and Buzzer (left arms)
Right hand- Montezuma Skeleton
Legs-Crimson Guard
Wings- Nemesis Immortal
Mask- Zartan Storm Shadow disguise and Budo helmet piece.
Vest-Star Wars figure, Desto collar, Chap Mei figure
Waist piece- Star Wars figure, Indiana Jones belt, coffee straw (scabbered)
sword- AoD Deadite
shield- IJ Ank and ROC SS claw
knife- Chap Mei figure
hook and chain- Sabertooth (XOW) and hobby store chain
bladed weapon in left hand- Sabertooth (XOW)

Originally the figure was going to be a KnightCrawler custom figure, hence the blue, but after sitting on it for so long I felt that it just was not going to happen. I wanted to use the Nemesis wings and some other parts for a custom and then it hit me. Instead of making a custom of a figure that exists, I'll create an entirely new figure.

LEGION is the greatest warrior from the underworld. Created by Lucifer out of various parts, Legion is not one being but many. Lucifer had planned on using Legion as the general for his army in hell, but did not estimate the strength and power that Legion would have. Legion took control of Hell's army and then turned on Lucifer. In a battle to the end, Legion defeated Lucifer and took control of the underworld.

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