Head: Beach Head/Thrasher

Arms: Roadblock

Torso: Outback

Waist: ?

Upper Legs: Salvo

Lower Legs: Taurus

Filename: Hernandez, Fernando M.

Primary: Fire Technician

Secondary: Wrestling combat

Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico

Like many children who grow up in Mexico, he grew up poor with lots of brothers, sisters, and cousins. As a child he played soccer but his real love was Luca Libre Wrestling, and became a Luca Libre Wrestler when he was only 15, professionally, as he was rather physically mature for his age. He wrestled until he was 28, because of a serious knee injury, and then joined Joe, as he was also courted by Action Force.

Tidbit: Has a glass eye, he's worn since losing an eye in a wrestling match with El Toreador.

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