Head: ROC Grand Slam
Upper & Lower Torso: ROC Duke (Desert Ambush)
Upper Arms: ROC Ripcord (Jungle Assault)
Forearms & Hands: ROC Duke (Desert Ambush)
Thighs: 25h Beach Head (Comic 2 Pack)
Calves & Feet: Resolute Duke (5 Pack)

Primary Weapon: MP5 with Red-Dot Sight & Silencer (Marauders Inc.)
Secondary Weapon: Modified ROC Bull Pup Rifle with Night Scope & Silencer
Tertiary Weapon: Modified Short Barrel Barrett .50 cal M82A1 Sniper Rifle with Modified Silencer (Marauders Inc.)
Sidearm: ROC Sig Sauer P228
Backpack: Modified World Peacekeepers Backpack
Hat: ROC Ripcord Hat (Jungle Assault)

Allegiance: G.I. Joe
Callsign: Wraith (Not related to the Cobra Character)
Specialty/Function: E.C.H.O. Group Operative (Assault Team)
Real Name: ZAISAN, Jieon R.
Serial Number: E8-149-8623-7
Primary Military Specialty: Weapons Specialist - Covert Sniper
Secondary Military Specialty: Hand-to-Hand Combat
Birthplace: Lhasa, TIBET

Bio: Jieon was born in Lhasa, but grew up in Hong Kong when his Tibetan father and Korean mother immigrated to Hong Kong. As a teenager, he was closely affiliated with 14K, one of Hong Kong's most notirious triad societies. Jieon was arrested during the 1999 crackdown on the gang, during which Wan Kuok Koi, the gang's leader, was also arrested in Macau. In exchange for information, and partially due to his infamy as a martial artist, Jieon was given the option to join Her Majesty's Armed Services in Hong Kong, and he signed up with the Ghurkas. He was in the military for only 5 years, training in various locations, during which he wasn't favored by his superiors to say the least, due to his triad history. His career abruptly ended when he murdered his squad leader during a brawl. Jieon fled to his native Tibet, where he joined various insurgent groups fighting against Chinese Communist rule with the help of the C.I.A. His handler also used him in various covert operations in Southeast Asia and Latin America, as his mixed features and fluency in various Asian languages and flawless English allowed him to take on almost any Asian and Latin nationality he chose. Before his handler was killed in an operation, he introduced Jieon to General Hawk, describing him saying that "though he is an expert marksman, he is even deadlier when he has nothing in his hands". General Hawk recruited Jieon into the E.C.H.O. Group shortly afterwards.
"Jieon is a weapon in himself. He was captured by the PLA's Special Operations Forces. He escaped the interrogation session at a safehouse, leaving all 7 PLA Special Ops soldiers in the room dead, with his hands still cuffed behind his back. Aside from the slit throats on the dead bodies, no other evidence regarding the murders and escape was found except for pieces of plastic folders stained in blood."

Wraith is a member of the E.C.H.O. Group, a group comprised of individuals with backgrounds in, past affiliations with, or have trained with, terrorist groups and rebel guerrilla forces, either as operatives and agents of the groups themselves, or as undercover operatives working for the other side. A group so covert, that only few of the Joes themselves know if its existence.

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