Head: ROC Helix
Upper, Lower Torso, Upper Arms, Forearms & Hands: ROC Scarlett (Reactive Impact Armor)
Thighs, Calves & Feet: Hall of Heroes Snake Eyes

Primary Weapon: Custom Commando Assault Rifle with Red-Dot Sight & Silencer (Marauders Inc.)
Secondary Weapon: NVR Assault Rifle with Night Scope & Silencer (Marauders Inc.)
Sidearm: ROC Sig Sauer P228
Backpack: ROC Scarlett Backpack (Blue Camo)

Real Name: DONELLY, Iya R.
Birthplace: Dublin, IRELAND
Iya was the daughter of an Irish patrolman, who was killed during an IRA skirmish when she was 16. At the time, she was dating an IRA soldier, though she didn't know it until he told her about the raid and that it was the British SAS who had conducted the raid which killed her father. Though Iya didn't really believe him, she joined the terrorist organization, hoping one day to find retribution for the death of her father. She found it when, after being trained in explosives, she blew up a safehouse wherein the her cell leader and trainer, who was also responsible for her father's death, was meeting with other IRA cell leaders. Iya was then recruited into the SAS, but during a training exercise with the US Special Forces, she met General Hawk, who told her about the E.C.H.O. group. She signed up without hesitation.

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