Liz Swan head
Baroness hair
Padme evening gown torso
Luke plus IJ Mutt arms
Gen Hawk legs
Electrical tape holsters and straps
Waterslide decal tats

By PFC P.Parker, Special to Sword in Stone Monthly

The world's worst enemy, MEDUSA, has announced its new presence in the theater of air combat, with authority. In a stunning development, it has been learned that a Command Airship, in transit from Battle Station Gamma to a classified South American destination has been shot out of the sky by a squadron of MEDUSA airships, previously believed to be more fiction than fact. It is suspected that MEDUSA operatives learned of the planned Command flight in advance, so that they were able to plan this specific attack to let the world know their air combat readiness was well past the conceptual stage.

While it has not yet been revealed who or what the Command ship was carrying, past experiences give cause to suspect that EXCAL Commander Saul Tigh was himself aboard the vessel. The ship was nearing the South American Continent when reports indicate it was hammered by numerous air to air missiles, prompting the ejection of 4 escape pods from the vessel, before the ship fell into the sea. There have been no reports of rescue, nor reports of any survivors at all, though the pods were thought to have landed within the vicinity of the now defunct Cobra Island...

Internal Memo
TO: Knighthawk
FROM: Director Queen
RE: Search and Rescue Operations

Don't believe everything you read, especially not everything that Parker kid with you spouts off about. The time is now right to let you know that based upon Agent McConnel's ongoing recon of Cobra Island, that we are very much of the belief that key friendlies are being held there. You may or may not be surprised to learn that the capture of Commander Tigh was something of a staged event. We knew that any lower level operatives may or may not be executed rather than held captive, but that those bastards would have no choice but to use someone of Tigh's stature for the most political gain they can get. Saul actually volunteered for the mission. Anyway, he's been implanted with some chips that will help to transmit information to us. Now that things have begun, I need to bring you home to get you fully briefed on the pending mission - which you will be leading.

Oh, and the part about the new air threat of MEDUSA is legit. I have issued an order requiring every Airship in the fleet to be modified to hold an onboard fighter. We'll be pulling away some defenses from the Battle Stations, to be sure, but the airships are the heart of EXCAL in my opinion, or are at least a close second to the Knights. Anyway, I think you've met your new pilot before? At least rumor has it you have... Lt. Thrace?


This figure could probably stand to have more slender arms, and a bulkier mid-section. Yet, it is what I envisioned, and so it shall be...

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