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Waterslide decals

Colonel Harold Jordan
"Hal" Jordan is a former Air Force Test Pilot, initially recruited by EXCAL to advise on flight tests performed for EXCAL's planned manned mission to mars. When the MEDUSA war reached critical stages, Hal begin flying active missions, though his focus remained on experimental planes, more so than actual fighters.

The merger of Tony Stark's military technology with that already being developed at EXCAL via the influences of the former Wayne Enterprises, Doc Savage's Fab Five, and Quest Labs, a new device was created which seemed peculiarly suited to Col. Jordan's use - the 1st Green Lantern "bomb" and its corresponding control device, or RING. The first round of tests demonstrated that Col. Jordan had both the strength to activate the Lantern, but also the control to keep from causing collateral damage. Today, Col. Jordan serves as the Commander of the Green Lantern Corps., and has recorded 5 confirmed MEDUSA Airship kills, an accomplishment not matched by the entire EXCAL Air Group during the first two years of this conflict.

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