Head: Colonel Brekhov
Torso: VvV Stalker
Arms: Cobra Trooper
Waist: Cobra Claws Commander
Legs: Roadblock

As an Oktober Guard Commando, Redstar has been with the Oktober Guard since he was eighteen years old. Even though, the original age to join the Oktober Guard is seventeen. He wanted to better himself by going through a year of sniper training.

Being the youngest Field Commander to the Oktober Guard, Colonel Brekhov had approached Captain Redstar and asked him if he would like to Command the Oktober Guard team. He took Colonel Brekhov up on his offer.

In a diostory project I am working on, during a heated battle against Destro, he ended up shooting and wounded Destro in the process. Needless to say Destro got his as well. He sent his Counsin Darklon to break him out and wound Captain Redstar.

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