PVC Movie statue Head and Torso
Cade Skywalker coat arms
Golden Compass coat
Star Trek/Star Wars/Joe kitbash arms for shirt version
Major Bludd legs
Golden compass holster and gun

You don't hear much about the Browncoats anymore. Those few brave souls who dared challenge whether their freedom was truly being served by their nation. Those few brave souls who dared to follow in the footsteps of the patriots whose own rebellion formed their nation at the outset. Those same few brave souls who were literally stomped into submission by the boots of their nation's elite armed forces.

History has a way of forgetting those who stood up for what they believed in - at least when they lose. In this case, history might be better served learning, in fact teaching a lesson to those who rule: No matter the odds stacked in your favor, you will never eliminate the ability of those brave enough and strong enough of heart to undermine the entire foundation of your existence.

For remember, the greatest victory won by the Browncoats did not take place of the field of battle. It was instead a victory brought about by the revealing of their government's true self. The extent to which their peaceful protests were annihilated by federal forces did more for the Browncoats' efforts than a battlefield victory ever could have. The Browncoats did not start their war - they simply chose to govern themselves, and in a way startlingly like the way the so called founding fathers had done several centuries prior. But when war was brought to them, fought they did. History will remember them as traitors, murderers and rogues. But despite their losses, those who survive know themselves to be patriots. They were willing to give their lives so that others might know a freedom long since forgotten. To fight a losing war so that their principles might not be compromised.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds was one of these men...one of these Browncoats. Should he step foot on government soil, he will be subject to death by hanging, as a "traitor" to the state. Sometimes this is the risk he must take, but in the meantime, he lives by his motto that you can take his land, but you can't take the sky from him. As such, Captain Reynolds now resides upon an airship which seems to always hover near, yet never quite enter government airspace. Reynolds and his meager crew aboard the airship "Serenity" (a firefly class prototype transport airship salvaged and rebuilt from scrap) do what they can to survive, mostly pushing the boundaries of international law, but never quite breaching the standards which their captain uses to govern himself.

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