PVC Movie Head
ROC HD Torso
Serpentor Upper Arms
Shipwreck lower arms
Beachhead legs (modified knees)
mish-mash belt
Waterslide decal for t-shirt.

A man called Cobb. No songs to write about him in this day and age. He's in it for the money, or sometimes for the whores. But mostly money...ok and whores still too. But you get the picture. Jayne Cobb is Captain Reynolds' muscle about the Serenity, but when he's a member of your crew, you sleep with one eye open, your gun under your pillow, and your cash box locked.

Cobb wasn't with Reynolds in the Browncoat days, but that's not to say there aren't still plenty of reasons for the law to be after him. So far, the relationship between the two men has been mutually beneficial. The day that ends will be a very interesting day indeed.

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