Head: The Corps
Torso/Upper Arms: Shipwreck
Lower Arms: Crosshair
Legs: Unknown

I am fond of the Oktober Guard. I have always thought they were awesome. Due to his expertise in heavy weapons, Big Bear was recruited by Captain Redstar.

After taking out a D.E.M.O.N. with his rocket launcher, Redstar was impressed. He knew he had chosen the right Soldier to assist his team in defeating Destro and his army of Iron Grenadiers.

Big Bear's history goes back to his seventeenth birthday. After Cobra Commander and his army invaded Russia, he was out with his father working on a ranch when he spotted a masked figure riding in a tank rumbling through his ranch. After a squad of troops dismounted, they started to ransack the family ranch. Regardless of what his father was telling him, he struck the masked person with a family heirloom sword (dated back the original Czars of Russia) on his face. After the masked figure reached for his other hood, Big Bear was able to get a good look at the hooded figure's face.

His description of the hooded figure reveals that the figure resembled that of having a body like a man and a head like a snake. Very scary isn't it? Anyway, this is my version of Big Bear. I may redo him at a later date.

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