*ROC Shipwreck's head with earmuffs and ball made out of sculpy, and beard and hat repainted.
*ROC Ice Viper's upper torso, feet and jacket (modified wiht an exacto to trim it)
*ROC Arctic Snake Eyes' arms, lower torso, hands, legs, and pick axe
* Croc Master Revolver
* Snow Serpent's snow shoes

After rescuing Snow Job and Alpine from the clutches of the abominable snow monster of the North, Hawk extended an invitation to Yukon Cornelius to join the Joe team. Deciding that he needed a break from prospecting for peppermint, Yukon accepted.

This custom was made as an entry in the Joeverse's holiday custom contest. I got the idea when I switched my facebook avatar to my annual Yukon Cornelius. Ice Viper's jacket was perfect, but I liked Arctic Snake Eye's arms and legs better. Shippy's head was great, and I used sculpy for the first time to make the earmuffs and the ball of the hat. I couldn't figure out how to make the goofy moustache.

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