Head: Multiple: Ace (Alexander McCullen), Destro (Silver helmet...Cobra Commander's Arms Dealer), (Gold helmet...Iron Grenadier Leader)
Torso: Frostbite (Modified with Cape, Iron Grenadier Command Bars), (Modified with pop-off-on head post)
Arms: Pit Viper
Waist and Legs: Cobra Commander

I was trying to come up with a Destro that has a head that can pop off and on. After toying with the 25th anniversary figures, I came up with a genious way of doing so. I took the neck and superglued the neck to the torso base...after it was painted. I added the cape and command bars afterward.

The pain of it was...waiting until the superglue completely took its toll. After it had dried, I pursued painting the neck with a flesh tone...not intending it to be of an animated style. Therefore; in the end, it turned out awesome. I went ahead and added the throne pics on here.

In the chapter 2 of my diostory saga, Destro changes back into his non-helmet style attire. He along with Scrap Iron plot to rescue SGT Slaughter from Cobra Commander's (Overlord) clutches. Storm Shadow makes his presence and assists Destro and his mercenaries.

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