head - ROC Alley Viper
torso, arms/hands, legs/feet - ROC CS Duke (I really hated the fact that ROCverse Duke is a ninja!)
backpack & bow - 25th CP Storm Shadow (painted)
swords - ROC SE (modified 1)
hood - Star Wars Comic Pack Luke & Mara Jade (painted)
belt - ROC CS SE
gun - ROC Pit Commando

Another NinJOE from the ROC universe.

Recruited by Snake Eyes to help usher in a new Arashikage era.

Shogun's temperament, discipline and philosophies about war, peace and the mystical ninja arts are what cemented his place as one of the 4 new teachers.

A distant cousin to Storm Shadow, Shogun's ancestry can be traced when his great, great,grand father left Japan years ago to start a new life in China.

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