Head - Red Lamprey
Body+Arms - Grand Slam
Legs - Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes
Vest - ROC Neo Viper

Helmet/backpack/gear - Original figure

I always wanted to make myself a custom of Lightfoot, he was the first figure I got of the 88 line which coincidentally turned out to be the year I stopped collecting Joes. However, I had 3 obstacles in my way.

First was his odd helmet...there was nothing close to it made in the the 25th line...luckily the original helmet didn't look TOO big and fit quite nicely

Second was his chest area...again nothing remotely similar in the 25th line. Then I had a flash of inspiration to use the neo-viper armor. I figured it made sense that he was an explosives expert , he needed some good protective gear.

Finally those damn stripes on the side of his legs would present a rather tedious painting job...again more inspiration...electric tape!

so there you have it, a modern era Lightfoot :)

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