Head: Duke 93
Chest: Recoil 89
Arms: Salvo 90
Waist: Spearhead 88
Left thigh: Scoop 89
Right thigh: Wet-Suit 86
Feet: Blizzard 88

Backpack: Unknown
Rifle: Duke 02

Code name: Outblast
File Name: Howerton, Kevin N
P.M.S: Rifleman
S.M.S: Infantry
Birthplace: Galena, Alaska
Grade: (Lt. Sergeant)
S.N: K11-N9-H013

I was originally going to call this figure Kane but had second thoughts as others in Beach-head's Brigade have cool names like Beach-head, Grunt & Short-Wave & so on. I had a look in my book of made up code name to see which would sort this custom better & Outblast matched it perfectly. I was going to do the same like I did with Brownstone if I had named this custom Kane that he was from the same POW camp as Brownstone.

Eight months into his career with the Joes a hand full of them was laughing be hide his back because of his code name was Tash. This has been going on for five months & so was cobra P.O.W's face to face so he had enough. He goes & sees General Hawk & asked him if he could change his name from Tash to Outblast. General Hawk looks at him & then the laptop & taps on the keyboard & he said yeah sure you can have it, no one's got it.

General Hawk files:
Outblast was mine & Beach-Head first choice for a Rifleman to be in Beach-Head's Brigade because he stands his ground & keeps his cool when bullets are flying everywhere. From what I've been hearing from everyone Outblast, Grunt & Zap are a very dangers group out on the battlefield Grunt on the left, Zap in the middle & Outblast on the right.

Other members to join Beach-Head's Brigade
Sorepoint (sniper)
Short-Fuze or Downtown (mortars)
Dogtags (combat medic)
Steeler (tank commander)
Fizzle (demolition)
Backblast (air defense artillery)
Rush-Hour (Urban assault)

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