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Head: DTC Salvo
Torso and arms: 25th Bazooka
Legs: RoC Cobra Commander
Feet: 25th Major Bludd
Wig: Green Stuff
Knife: Maruader Inc.
Cigarettte: twisty tie

Brock was recruited into the OSI* and trained by Colonel Hunter Gathers to be a lethal weapon for national security. The failure to prevent Professor Fantomas from becoming the Phantom Limb, led Brock to being re-assigned to body guard duty.

Operation: Rusty's Blanket where Brock became the protector of Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture and his two sons, Hank and Dean. As it turned out, the mission was actually to prevent Dr. Ventures creations from ever falling into the wrong hands, including the ORB.

Colonel Hunter Gathers deceived Samson into leaving the OSI and joining the new S.P.H.I.N.X. Using the guise of the old OSI enemies, this new team takes on threats without the red tape and rules that the OSI and Guild of Calamitous Intent have created.

*Office of Secret Intelligence

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