Head: Broken Arrow
Body: Grand Slam v3
Grey rifle & backpack: Broken Arrow
Black rifle: Maruder's Gun Runners
Helmet/visor: Broken Arrow

Just a LBC with some painting and cutting involved, but nothing too crazy.

I've got to give thanks to a couple folks here:

The head from Broken Arrow didn't fit the body so it needed to be cut down and I haven't got the right tools at the moment. It also needed to be painted, and my hands aren't so steady for fine details, so thank you to Bcost74 for both painting the head and cutting it down to fit for me.

My other thanks goes to Marauder John. As soon as I got the head from Bcost, I put the figure together and when I placed the rifle in his hand, the buttstock snapped off. I tried to glue it, but it snapped off again, so I gave it a bit of wire frame stock. I showed this to John and he was kind enough to make me a one off LASER rifle. Naturally it turned out to be cooler than cool. The hose from the pack is too big for the peg John put on the bottom of the pistol grip, but it fits nicely on the forearm pistol grip.

Thanks John and Bcost.

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