Head: 82' Cobra Officer. Torso, waist, thighs: 83' Major Bludd. Feet: CORPS. Arms: 84' Mutt.

File Name: Various
Primary Military Specialty: Dog Handlers/Security Officers
Secondary Military Specialty: Various
Birthplace: Various Countries

Cobra dog handlers are Cobra soldiers with special K-9 and security training. The "police force" of the Cobra legions, in conjunction with the A.S.P.S. (Armed Security Police Servicemen), they are responsible for the security of Cobra's many state of the art, secret facilities throughout the world. As such, they also receive special tactical response/threat analysis training, making them a formidable force against would-be intruders. In addition, Mongrels must be expert martial artists, experts with all CQB weaponry, skilled in interrogation, EOD and detection certified . . . and one more thing: just plain mean. From General Hawk's file: "Mongrels are mean, well-trained, and well-armed, and their K-9 counterparts are no less vicious. You don't want to cross them . . . or their perimeters, unless you are good and prepared to fight."

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