Head - Wolverine Origins Maverick
Torso, Leggs, Shield - MU Captain America
Arms - Some BNB Figure

Red Guardian VIII is the latest entry to my Super Soldier project.
After many joint missions with G.I. Joe, the Oktober Guard had grown to trust their American commrades. That was until they learned about the rebirth of the Super Soldier project, the one that created Captain America. One of the Oktober Guard operatives, while on surveillance in Scotland, obtained information about Destro's newest weapon the "IGS" Iron Grenadier Supreme" the IG Super Soldier. Red Star had also heard rumors that Cobra had a super soldier as well.

It made sense for mother Russia to revive the Soviet Super Soldier Program. Enter Col. Nicoli Romanov, a Soviet soldier who has served in the Russian Military his entire life. He becomes the eighth Red Guardian in Russian History. His mission is to defend his country from the growing threat of Cobra and if G. I. Joe if need be.

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