ROC-Flash Gambello Head
ROC-Cobra Commander jacket
ROC-Target exclusive Snake Eyes

Midnight is Cobra Commander's personal assassin, one that allows Cobra Commander to keep control over the Cobra organization behind the scenes. He is loyal only to Cobra Commander and his identity is only known to him.
His personality is that of a very cold and calculating person, not one of a mindless killer or homicidal maniac. Every movement and hit is calculated. He will wait days to make his move, but he also will kick down the door and take out the target. Although he is loyal to Cobra, his allegiance lies deep with Cobra Commander. He was once a normal Viper who quickly rose through the ranks of Cobra, ascending to become a Crimson Guard Commander. He then became the personal body guard of Cobra Commander, putting his life in harms way on countless occasions and finally sacrificing his own life to save the Commander's. That is when he was approached by the Commander to take up a new position, assumed dead he now walks in the shadows doing all of Cobra Commander's dirty work.

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