Head - Tri-Gate creations
Chainsaw - Chap Mei
Missile launcher - V vs V Overkill arm/ Revoltech joint
Gun - SW/ Revoltech joint
The rest - IM Mini Monger

Using stolen schematics and technology from the late Obadiah Stane's Iron Monger battle suit, a more compact, complex and advanced design was created in top secret in a hidden lab deep under Warren street tube station. Unknown to Tony Stark, funds and resources for the project were siphoned off of one of Stark's many shady U.K. based enterprises.

Whilst top scientists and weapons manufacturers worked on the suit, it's overall design, configuration and colour was overseen by the Irrepressible Dark Horse himself.
The Iron Horse's armaments include an arm mounted diamond toothed chainsaw designed to chew up and spit out vault doors and armoured cars alike, the shoulder mounted fire and forget missile eliminates any airborne opposition, the Pulse cannon (stolen from a M.A.R.S. convoy in Kazakstan) is wired directly into the visual scanner to allow instant aiming, and a small but effective mini-gun is attached to the left wrist. The mini-gun was a last minute addition specified by the Dark Horse just so he could have the shell spitting effects that have been seen in the movies.

Unlike the new breed of supervillain who's only desire is complete global domination, the Iron Horse suit was designed to bring back the old school days of villainy - bank robberies, Art gallery thefts, jewel heists etc, and has been terrorizing many of London's banks and museums since it's completion. It is said that besides the money, the corrupt scientists who work on the suit are paid in art treasures and similar spoils. None of these trinkets matter to the Dark Horse however. The thrill of the hunt is what is most important to him, and besides the rush of a successful blag, he looks forward to nothing more than the inevitable showdown with the legendary Iron Man himself.

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