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Head - Pilot Scarlett, modded, with ROC Baroness hair
Torso and upper legs: 25th Lady Jaye
Lower legs: 25th Spirit
Coat - Chap Mei Sky Adventurer
Arms - Star Trek Nero
Gun - Marauder; with sling by TR1ER

When the Joes disbanded after their defeat in the Cobra Wars, Cover Girl was one of its youngest members. While her best combat skills were behind the wheel of various armored vehicles, she spent some time as an agent in the years immediately thereafter. She then retired to revisit her career as a professional model, but some insiders suspect that was just a front for her real job in the espionage field.

Now in her early thirties, Cover Girl has been recruited to a military position once again, by the EXCAL organization. Whether she has been in the "industry" all along, or whether she simply sees job security issues should she continue on as a model at here "advanced" age no longer matters, as she has been recruited by Steeler to help him run EXCAL's new Armor Division.

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