Head - SW Clone, modded
Torso - Cobra Trooper
Arms - Destro
Coat - Golden Compass
Legs - ROC CC?

This is my 2nd attempt at Civilian Bruce Wayne, with the first on being recycled as Tony Stark. Wayne is an intersting figure within the EXCAL organization, and is one of its two original founders, along with Oliver Queen. He is interesting in that his involvement with the group is not a secret, though he is one of the few heroes in volved to maintain a "secret identity" as the Shadow Knight - The Bat Man. Most of the heroes to join the group would later follow Oliver Queen's lead of unmasking himself as a sign of complete commitment to the cause. Together, Wayne and Queen created the organization - initially to promote freedom and justice throughout the world, but later to specifically defeat the MEDUSA organization which was attempting - and succeeding - to take over the world.

"It was within the Halls of the EXCAL organization where Justice found salvation" is a famous quote issued many years after the fact by then former U.S. President Benajmin F. Gates: "This Hall of Justice was the beacon of light toward which the freedom loving peoples of the world cast their gaze, when the world was at its darkest point."

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