Used sculpting material and model paints.

This is our version 2.0 prerelease of gi joe marvel legends style customs wave 2/two. This is a 6 inch marvel legends style gi joe cobra storm shadow. This will be released with our wave 2 line of 20+ gi joes in april. Wave 2 will consist of other fan favorites and some version 2.0s like the cobra storm shadow. This is a one of a kind custom made to look like the original 1984 action figure. The dagger in his waist is removable. He is fully poseable to be consistent with other marvel legends action figures. Special attention was given to make him look exact, especially with the back pack. The back pack holds the swords the same way the old one does and holds the arrows and nunchuks inside as well. The bow can be placed on and off the top of the back pack as well and the back back is removable. The nunchuks can be placed inside the backpack or in between the bow. Please let us know what you think. Thanks! He is a full body custom sculpt. We spray painted him down with minty white and then hand painted the details. Special attention was given to give storm shadow a perfect cobra insignia.

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