1997 Baroness head and waist
2004 Agent Scarlett DTC Torso
1983 Torpedo arms and lower legs
1986 Wet Suit upper legs
1985 Eels scuba pack
1992 Eels fins
1994 Shipwreck air mask
1985 Eels spear gun with a Marauder's Inc. XM26 shotgun attached

Since I got a new camera I thought I might repost this one with better pictures and in the category that she is most commonly found.
I saw the 2008 V11 diver edition and being a diehard fan of ARAH I tried something similar only using ARAH parts. Seeing how The Baroness is the best at what she does, it was only fitting that she would have some kind of diving experience and I really like seeing her displayed in a different specialty. I wish that she could have been represented more in other roles than the sexy spy that I always see. Maybe next time she will be sporting some flight gear.

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