Head: Scalpel V1 2003 ARAH
Torso/arms: Breaker V4 2009 TROC
Legs: Shipwreck V12 2008 25th An.

Laptop: Breaker V4 2009 TROC
Cup: Muffler from Maestro Harley Davidson
Glasses: Clear Plastic

Mac is an unsung hero of the Gi Joe team. Clearly operating behind the scenes, Mac was acquired by the team many years ago.

He had been given virtually all authority on the various designs of the Gi Joe team's uniforms and equipment. Ever wonder why every uniform is unique and well designed? It is because of guys like him.

Mac came from the civilian world and when he signed his contract for Gi Joe, he was told he had to create a code name. For the first time in his life, he drew a blank. However, in his first few days, he was teased by other computer techs for his choice in computer systems, and "Mac" then stuck.

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