Head - 25th Leatherneck
Bandoleer - Leatherneck
Body - ROC TRU 3 Pack Grunt
Sniper Rifle w/ modified sling - bbi
Backpack - Benchpress
Assault Rifle - bbi

The AWE Striker version of Leatherneck was horrid for any number of reasons, so when Toys R Us released that awesome ROC 3 pack with Grunt, I figured it was high time to give him an update.

While it is true that the paint scheme does not match the original figure, I don't really care. He is much closer to the IDW comic series Leatherneck, who is a sniper and part of an assault team made up of himself, Recondo, Scarlett, and Stalker.

Basic Testors olive drab paint for the cap and the arm band, and the rest is essentially an LBC. I did customize the sling for the sniper rifle, which I think is a nice touch. Bench-press's backpack seems far more apt for Leatherneck, so it's on him as well.

I did decide to keep the bandoleer that came with Leatherneck, though it has been modified. I'm very happy with this guy.

My only wish would be to put an E-7's rank (three up, two down) where the arm patch is, but I'm not a skilled painter. Perhaps I'll come across a small decal. Until then, I really like him.

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