TGC Head
ROC CC coat and arms and legs
Destro Feet
Cobra Trooper Torso
Vinyl/electrical tape tie
Passports, etc... are printable minis, with clear stryene used for CD case

The civilian ops look isn't so much a secret identity as it is understanding that the job of an EXCAL agent, especially a Knight, goes well beyond just gearing up for the battlefield. Tristan Knight enjoys his nights out as much as anyone, but when traveling internationally, it always helps to be prepared for anything...with that in mind, I'm thinking I may need to make some other accessories for that case of his...


The Cobra Trooper torso makes for a great dress shirt version, if you're using a tie. And vinyl (ie electrical tape) makes for a great tie, once you get the sticky part off. Other than the head and torso, the rest is mostly ROC CC. The exception is that, for height, I swapped the feet for 25th Destro's.

In Knighthawk's briefcase are: back up weapons, including a prototype pistol seized from a MEDUSA lab, multiple passports so that he may change identities as needed if on the fly in hostile nations (The Knights have license to move freely within all allied nations), $30k, and what seems to be a Van Halen CD... or is it...

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