SW Jake Farrel Head x2; one modded with beret
ROC Hawk torso and upper arms
25th TF Flint lower arms
POC Arctic Destro hands
Res Duke legs
25th TF Flint feet
styrene holster (by Greyryder)
straps on guns by TR1ER
Harness: ROC Hawk's? modded with shells and knife sheath (out of vinyl)

TO: Clark Savage, Jr. "Doc"
FROM: Maj. Tristan Knight "Knighthawk"
RE: Dashiell Faireborn "Flint"

To respond to your previous note, I must say yes, I think Flint would be great for that role. He's a born leader, he's intelligent, he's very capable, and his abilities in a fistfight might come in handier for this job than his ability with a shotgun anyway. I think he's ready, and I hope he is willing to lead your new Adventure Team. I'll tell Marvin (Roadblock hates when I call him Marvin) to look Flint up, and try to talk him into it, if you'd like me to.

Only thing I have to say at all, is to remind you how far Flint went off the deep end after Lady Jaye was murdered. He seems to be mostly past that now, but I'll be damned if some days when I see him walking past if he doesn't remind me of the "Punisher" whack job we ran into in our last stop stateside. I think a new start and a clean slate will do him good though. I've even taken to calling him Dash, hoping maybe he'll adopt a new name as he moves on with his life. Let me know if you need anything more from me.


TO: Doc
FROM: Flint
RE: Your new baby

When do I start?

I really wanted Flint (one of my two favorites as a kid) to have a prominent role in EXCAL, but he didn't seem like Knight material to me, and I was never really comfortable carrying his traditional Joe look into the new verse, since most every established character I bring in gets an overhaul. This look is inspired a bit by his DDP look, and a bit more by his Resolute look.

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