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All Sea Slug 1987

My first non LBC and first submission. Kinda lackluster but I wanted to post where I'm at in the beginning of this hobby and hopefully get better.

I picked Sea Slug for no reason other than I bought one in pretty rough shape for only 2 bucks and thought he was a good place to start. Never had a Sea Slug when I was a kid so I had no affinity for him but grew fond of this dude during the trials and many errors in this first custom.

The colors I picked were the only paints I had around the house. Coincidentally Black and Purple, Sea Slug colors. When I set out painting my only plan was I knew I wanted him black and I wanted camo (yeah that's supposed to be camo). What I have pictured is my third repaint. I'm working on my second figure now and its going much smoother than this guy.

I'm proud of him though because so far I have seen no other Sea Slugs customs on this site. I was going to come up with a new character name, bio, and specialty but being the only Sea Slug custom makes him unique so I'm showing him some love!

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