COIL Trooper body, Crimson Guard Immortal head

So I had this one COIL Trooper whose COIL emblem had mysteriously faded. I tried to customize him a bit, but wasn't ever really happy with the results. Similarly, I used a Crimson Guard Immortal to create a Crimson Shadow Guard Immortal, but that one was a little iffy for me as well. I finally realized I had some parts that would work well together where they had not worked well individually. Was not the Create-A-Cobra a COIL Trooper (TARGAT) body with a CGI head?

I had long ago named my Create-A-Cobras "ULTRA-VIPERS", giving them the background that they were comprised of troopers from any available Cobra specialist division, in a weird pink uniform. But they could be Night-Vipers, Desert Scorpions, Snow Serpents -- anybody! One would think they'd need a Commander, someone who knew which troopers were in any given Ultra-Viper detachment.

Overall, I'm pleased with the results. He doesn't look THAT much like a COIL Trooper anymore, and fits in better with the Create-A-Cobras/Ultra-Vipers. The toughest part of this? Matching that bizarre pink color, which I wanted to carry over a bit on the helmet visor. Here's his file card information:


The ULTRA-VIPERS are the strangest forces within the ranks of Cobra. Wearing a common uniform, that is largely a pinkish-magenta to fool their enemies into thinking they're pushovers, the Ultra-Vipers are culled from the ranks of other Cobra specialist forces. A cadre of Ultra-Vipers might consist of a Night-Viper, an AVAC, a Ninja-Viper, a Flak-Viper, a Desert Scorpion, a Snow Serpent -- anything! That's what makes them dangerous. You never know what you're really up against or what they're capable of.

But somebody has to keep track of them all, and that's the job of the Ultra-Viper Commander. He knows which Cobra specialists are in which Ultra-Viper units at any given time. He is possessed with an astounding memory for details, and is highly trained in reading body language. He can tell at a glance which Cobra specialist is wearing an Ultra-Viper uniform. He regards the Ultra-Vipers as the elite of the elite, Cobra's most dangerous forces because they cannot be predicted from one mission to the next. Of course, he wears a modified Ultra-Viper uniform himself, the only individual within the ranks of Cobra to do so on a consistent basis. The primary modification is that it isn't pink...

"Who's it going to be today? Frag-Vipers? Range-Vipers? Rock-Vipers? Alley-Vipers? Only I know! G.I. Joe will literally never know what hit them!"

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