Everything except lower legs: 93' Payload. Lower legs: 02' Mirage.

File name: Various
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry Special (Incendiary) Weapons
Secondary Military Specialty: Various
Birthplace: Various

Incinerators are the flame-weapon and arson specialists of the Cobra legions. Though originally fitted with black "cool suits" and modified versions of the M-7 flamethrower, most now wear orange and carry a wholly redesigned flame-weapon system. Many are still observed in the old black suit, though (which was, in its own right, a state-of-the-art, ultra light-weight marvel), and are loosely referred to as Proto-Incinerators. Arsonists in every sense of the word, they are thoroughly familiar with all military incendiary devices and flame projection equipment and methods. Though their primary task is to make fire, Incinerators perform a number of "secondary" duties as conventional Viper infantrymen, technicians, and/or mechanics.

From General Hawk's personal file: "With their burning streams of jellied gasoline scorching everything in their path, these guys are a nightmare to opposing forces."

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