Head is Dr. Rex modified. I painted the eye sockets, glued a styrene girder on his head, and made the sensor wires from twist ties.

Torso is the black Resolute CC with the back brace made form styrene. Arms are from Dr. Rex. All were painted flat black. I removed the left arm below the elbow, and I am not sure who's hand I painted silver.

The chair was the hardest to put together. I had to download dalek blueprints and scale them to 1:18. I then glued the panels to a foam core base and spray painted it black. I then cut the top panel from foam core, spray painted it and the hemispheres (from a hobby store) silver. added the gems and stickers (from the ROC Pit), and the rubber bumper on the base.

I created this as my entry to joeuniverse.com's "cross over" custom contest.

I am a big fan of Doctor Who, so I came up with a scenario where the second Doctor was forced to regenerate into an alternate third Doctor and exiled in the US instead of Britain. He then acts as scientific adviser to GI Joe instead of UNIT. He faces off against a brilliant scientist who has used alien technology on himself to survive, but also to create a race of cybernetic men which he plans to use to conquer the world. If that plan fails, he does have plans to create a race of mutants.

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