Head: Sgt. Flash v2 (modified)
Body: G.I. Joe Hawk
- Helmet: G.I. Joe Hawk
- Webbing: G.I. Joe Hawk
- Visor: Skyduster
- MP-42: Indiana Jones
- M-79: BBI

Cobra took lessons from the troopers sent to Sierra Gordo disguised as mercenaries. Following the demise of that amateurish rabble at the hands (or rather machine gun) of Kwinn, Cobra opted to set up a more professional and well equipped team. This led to the establishment of the CUTLASS team - Cobra Unconventional Tactics/Asymmetric Specialist Scouts.

CUTLASS are a component of Cobra's Deep Operations Command. However, they operate at arms length from Cobra itself as a mercenary team called CUTLASS International (Corporation for Utility Training, Liaison, Assistance & Special Security). As guns for hire, they operate alongside or on behalf of one guerrilla / government force or another, all the while secretly advancing Cobra's interests by setting conditions and collecting valuable intelligence.

The team itself is composed of Cobra soldiers with various operational backgrounds. While their "company" when contracted comes with its own helicopter and some specialised equipment, there is little in the way of outward signs of their real affiliation. When it's time to take action and turn the situation to Cobra's favour, however, their real fangs come out....

Ellipsis is an absolute wonder with hand-held indirect fire weapons, specifically a grenade launcher. Indeed, his name is apparently derived from a legend that he is able to put three rounds in the air simultaneously from a single-shot launcher. (Ellipsis being ". . ." - it also sounds like 'ellipse', a segment of which resembles the flight path of a grenade)

Ellipsis has been a Frag-Viper and was apparently very good. However, it's said that despite the impressive capabilities of Frag-Viper gear, with it's stealthy ability to put multiple grenades down range in quick succession, Ellipsis missed the satisfaction of the 'thunk' as an M-79 round exits the launcher tube.

In addition to his weapon specialty, Ellipsis is also a reconnaissance specialist for the CUTLASS team.

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