Head: Recoil
Torso and waist coals Morse,
legs v1 Beachhead
Jungle accessories, chap mei "true heroes", grenades and machine gun of EliteForce.

STORY OF THE FIGURE: Today tactical exchanges, joint exercises, educational joint ventures with other armies of NATO and the world are the Order of the day. The glorious command GI Joe, is no exception. Thus more or less begins the story of our friend Recoil.

In the pictures, is our friend Recoil, bone "I" Laughing in the open field of maneuver, where they joint maneuvers with NATO, and where he is part of the Spanish team. In their new uniform he is equipped and stationed at their tactical bases. Apart from his main specialties he he is recognized as the infiltration specialist and "leader of the glorious ROCC".

I hope you like the pictures and the figure. Wink

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