-Roc Flash legs
-Roc Target Rescue SE chest, arms and shoulder harness
-Roc Shockwave head
-Roc Red Fang swords and sheaths
-Roc SE Bandolier (modified removed belt)
-Trimmed Roc The Doctor toupe

The first of hopefully many adaptions from the G.I. Joe Extreme line, Black Dragon. I debated keeping or loosing the blonde mop top of hair simply because I personally hate the look of it, but I wanted to keep the spirit of the orgininal figure.

Plus and while I don't care for the hair it is a BIG identifyier of the character, and sets him apart from the other masked characters and billions of Ninjas the Joe team has.

The main differances is the grey I used a darker grey...to me it just looked better. And I opted out of the legolier thingie and just painted a pants pocket grey.

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