Head: 25th Anniversary Specialist Trakker
Body: Build'n'Brawl Chris Jericho
Logo: inkjet bright white vinyl

I have been reading the Green Lantern comics since I was about five years old. Hal Jordan has always been one of my favourite DC characters, way over and above others like Batman or Superman. I like the DCIH version, but I had to create my own in order to get my definitive 1:18 scale version. Having bought a pile of BnB wrestlers cheap, I quickly decided on the Chris Jericho body as he did not look steroided up. I initially went with the Chris Jericho head, then a Star Wars Legacy Han Solo, and finally the 25th Specialist Trakker. That one looked square jawed and heroic enough for my Hal custom. I then took a cast of it to use on my other Hal Jordan figures. A big plus was that the hair looked right as well

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