Head: MARS Trooper Officer
Body: Elite Ice Viper "Pursuit of COBRA"
Trench Coat: Arctic Destro
Glasses: Arctic Destro
Ice, gun and backpack: Arctic Destro

The Elite Ice Viper Commanders are chosen among the best soldiers. Trained in the MARS Research Center in the Arctic, they are experts in managing the new rifles of liquid nitrogen, added to the acquired knowledge among Techno Vipers and Eels.

Now the Ice Vipers they lead, have ousted the Snow Serpents, establishing a sick rivalry between the two forces that make them the most bloodthirsty and reckless troops.
After the battle, the leaders of both groups meet in the officers' mess to count their dead, exalt courage and collect the money that they are bet over who lost more soldiers.

"Elite Ice Viper Commander leads his troops with an iron fist, only ice runs through his veins."

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