1989 Annihilator head
2001 Cobra Commander Body (modified)

This figure was just a body without a head because I used the head for another application I am working on, and I had this Sigma 6 firebat that I wanted to modify for 3.75" figures but couldn't find the right figure. I was going to use a Wild Weasel but he was just a tad bit too tall. One day, I'm walking through my local flea market and I find this 2001 Cobra Commander which I was just looking for his head, but the body screamed updated Firebat pilot and I picked him up with a couple of other figures. Next I needed a head that would fit just right into the firebat and the Annihilator head was the perfect profile. I also wanted to try a technique with kneadatite that I hadn't a chance to yet and that was with adding body detail. Added some simple straps to the torso to make him look more like pilot and shaved off the shoulder pads and a little of the outer bicep for a very nice fit to the vehicle. Added paint and detail and there you have it, a very nice update to the A.V.A.C. pilot for a new Firebat.

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