Head-Red Star
Chest-Iceburg v2
Arms-Dusty v1
Legs-Shockwave v1
Waist-Dailtone(battle corps)

I was looking at a post the other day about "What happened to Ripcord?" and I decieded to make one. He was always a favorite of mine so it was all the more fun and easy once I seen the likeness between Ripcord and Red Star, and the Iceburg v2 chest just seemed perfect.

I wanted him to have plenty of accesories on him(guns, knives, grenades, etc...) since the other was bare. I thought that as he was falling why not drop a couple grenades on the enemies heads and when he gets down he has to secure the situation and dig in.

The backpack seemed like a good choice and looked a lot like some of the skydiving packs I have seen before. I gave a try at dry brushing with it as well as putting a nice dark camo on Ripcord himself even though its hard to see.

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