Head: Plague Trooper Guillotine
Torso/Arms: Build'n'Brawl Deuce
Legs: Build'n'Brawl Miz
Coat: Urban Rev Toys

Torquemada is one of the Green Lantern Corps who has always fascinated me, ever since his first appearence in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #4. Enigmatic and a Master of the Mystic Arts, just like another favourite comic character of mine, Dr. Strange.
I went for the BnB body and legs as they lent themselves nicely to the character. I painted up several bald heads before finally going for the Plague Trooper Commander Guillotine. That seemed to work best. I already decided that I wanted to go softgoods on the coat, and Killuminati did me proud with teh one he made for me. The hood is wired so that it can be displayed up or down.

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