Head and Helmet-ROC Aqua Viper Officer
Torso and Belt-Extreme Conditions Major Bludd
Hoses-Para-Viper kitbash
Arms and hands-Arctic Snake eyes
Legs and Feet-Bazooka
Laptop-ROC Cover Girl
Rifle and Pistol (not shown)-Airborne

This is my 25th rendering of the Canadian JoeCon Exclusive from 2008: Snowbank. I took some of these photos before realizing I hadn't finished the detail on the upper left arm. I decided to go ahead and post him anyway. The Canadian exclusives began as o-rings but have moved on to 25th articulation. I wanted to update the previous ones to fit in with the new. Snowbank wears a power suit and often serves unofficially as the team leader of the Canadian joes.

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