Code name: Sorepoint
File name: Kaplinsky, Taden D
P.M.S: Infantry
S.M.S: Marksmanship expert
Birthplace: Crosby, North Dakota
Grade E-4 (Corporal)
S.N: T21-D8-K250

Head: Stalker 91
Chest: Outback 87
Arms: Roadblock 86
Waist: Muskrat 88
Left thigh: Backblast 89
Right thigh: Shipwreck 85
Feet: Flint 85

Rifle: Low-light
Submachine gun: unknown
Vest: Gung-Ho

Sorepoint & Low-Light grew up on the same road & went to the same collage & know each other as there did almost everything together unable to found jobs just for the weekends Low-Light signs up for the arms forces. After a few years Sorepoint joins up as well as there aren't any jobs going where he lives so after the first few years in the arm force Sorepoint is at the top of his class & has the top scores which Low-Light had them for the last 4 years running.

Graduation day Sorepoint is running late as always to be on the parade ground for the graduation running out of a building suddenly a low flying plane blows him off his feet & the next thing after that was the building be hide him exploding. Still on the ground he rolls over onto his back & looks into the sky & at the same time few more planes fly over at that moment he relies its cobra he gets up heads for the armory.

In the armory picking weapons & ammo up the door opens Sorepoint stands behinds the door & walks in is a Viper the viper has a looks round & see the weapons & ammo in the middle of the floor Sorepoint comes out from the back of the door taps the vipers shoulder the viper turns round & Sorepoint knocks the viper out with the butt of his weapon then slitting the viper throat & stuffing his body in one of the locker.

Within 17 minutes he has taken out 6 other viper with his sniper rifle & keeps moving round so cobra wouldn't find him. 2 hours later doing the same hit & run his has killed 31 cobras as for the others men who was Graduating there was all put in the mess hall &can hair what's going on outside.

5 & half hours later 62 dead going to building to building on the roof of one building he hairs an exploitation from behinds him he turns round & see a rattler on fire heading for the building he's on. Just as the rattler hits the building he jumps to the next building & hit's the floor & bangs his head as he looks up he see a conquest x30 fly over & then a few more in the air followed by some Tomahawks.

As he walks out of the building three vipers run into him there all crashed to the ground as there all get up & start hand to hand combat Sorepoint killed one viper as the other vipers came at him the next thing Sorepoint know was a band & the viper that was coming at him with a knife fell to the ground & the last viper raised his hand & Sorepoint turned round & sew Low-Light as Sorepoint went over to pick his rifle up at the same time Low-Light noted that Sorepoint taped a small video recorder to his rifle.

As both of them made there way back to base camp while watching the tape Low-Light was impressed in what he sew & showed it to General Hawk & he gave him place in the team & said we can never enough snipers.

General Hawk files:
Graduation day for Sorepoint he never got but we gave him one Low-Light showed me the tape I'm impressed in what I sew & I just gave him a place in the team plus a new sniper for a new unit & I hope he dose well.

Other members to join Beach-Head's Brigade
Short-Fuze or Downtown (mortars)
Dogtags (combat medic)
Steeler (tank commander)
Fizzle (demolition)
Backblast (air defense artillery)
Rush-Hour (Urban assault)

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