Head: Scrap Iron TRU Cobra Strike Team (heavily modified)
Body: Raptor '87 (his backside is front, frontside is back + modified)
Arms: Blanka Movie Edition
Waist: Croc Master '87 (modified)
Legs: Blanka Movie Edition (modified)
Backpack: Slice of Crimson Shadow Guard BP + Cobra Piranha rockets (modified)
Wings: Voltar '88 condor wings (modified)

TRU Scrap Iron's head was heavily sanded down and then modified with Greenstuff to make the helmet, eyebrows and beard. It was quite a challenge to get the small parts in place without squeezing them too much. It was also difficult to make the eyes not look like a Spiderman too much.

The chest was pretty weird. I took Raptor's torso and positioned it backwards. So his back became his front. I did this because the back has this nice feather structure and I knew I couldn't create that look from Greenstuff myself. All I did was add Greenstuff in the hole where the back screw is. I sanded the original front and that became his back. Put a thin layer of Greenstuff on it and pressed a spare Raptor torso-back into it to get some texture. I also used Greenstuff to make the "harness" lines.

I sanded off a few details from Croc Master's waist, added some green stuff and tried to create some texture to make it look hairy.
The legs were almost perfect. I needed legs with bare feet and some hairy texture if possible. Movie Edition Blanka did it. I had to sand down the pants and the cuffs around his ankles, and filled the weird open parts in the upper legs. I don't mind the position of the legs, they actually fit the MOTU look pretty good.

The wings were cut from two Voltar condors. I did have problems positioning them. The original MOTU Stratos has them positioned in a little aerodynamic way, but with a few feathers pointing forwards (if he has his arms along his body. I was unable to create that part with the condor wings, but I tried to make them look as aerodynamic as possible (in flying mode, so with his armes pointing forward).

For the backpack I first went through my rocket bin looking for matching rocket heads and fins. Turned out the Piranha rockets had both. Cut off the back part and a small part in between and there they were! I didn't just want to glue the rockets to the "harness" so I took a Crimson Shadow Guard backpack and sawed a slice off of it. Glued the rockets to that slice and glued the slice to the "harness". So no peg in his back.

This was my second entry from the NJC #48: Masters of the Universe

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