Head: ROC Duke & greenstuff
(gotta do something with all those extra Duke heads!)
Body, upper arms: ROC Snake-Eyes
Lower arms, hands: ROC Storm Shadow
Legs, backpack: ROC NeoViper
Armored vest: ROC Elite Viper
Gun: Marauder's

File Name: Samuel Glenn
Birthplace: Lodi, New Jersey

Samuel worked at a metal fabrication shop in his teens, but was never satisfied with the salary an honest day's work could bring. He supplemented his summer income by stealing cars, landing in jail numerous times. In prison, he continued to hone his skills as a metal worker. Having been kicked out of his house, he drifted south until he hit the swamps of Florida and crossed paths with the Dreadnoks motorcycle gang.

Samuel Glenn is an unrepentant punk through-and-through. He developed his Dreadnok persona and code name based on his favorite hometown band and their distinctive hairstyle. The 'Noks were only too eager to put his skills to use, forging custom blades, armor, and parts for their choppers. Of course, whatever he is too lazy to make, he steals!

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