Head (ARAH Annihilator), Body (25th Anniversary Battle Armor Cobra Commander), Belt (25th Anniversary Cobra Commander), Heli-pack (Specialist Trakker), Submachinegun (Specialist Trakker)

While the idea of equipping elite troops with individual helicopter packs is kind of neat, I would not have wanted to be the guy whose heli-pack caught a stray bullet while hovering a few hundred feet up! This figure boiled down to choosing a paint scheme that reflected his vintage colors and then adding the vintage head and accessories. I got the head very cheap on ebay. I Dremeled it out to fit the 25th style neck post (a nerve wracking experience, given that I had to go almost to the top of the head to get the proper fit while not drilling all the way through). Once the head was on, I needed the submachinegun and heli-pack. I focused on trying to find these accessories from a Specialist Trakker figure because they were the exact same as the vintage Annihilator figure, except the backpack peg was retooled to fit the modern figures (meaning I wouldn't have to do the conversion myself). This is where my buddy Gene came through for me and included them in a trade that we had already worked out. Thanks, Gene! Without your help, this guy would still be sitting in the "in-progress" section of my workbench! After all was said and done, I gave him a light application of Testors Dull-Cote.

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