Head: Capt. Grid-Iron 90
Chest: Dusty 85
Arms: Low-Light 86
Waist: Stretcher 90
Legs: Low-Light 91 w/ Elite Force pouch

Helmet: Ripcord 84
Oxygen Mask: Mutt 84 w/ Lego hose & custom strap
Chute Pack: Night Force Crazylegs 88
Gun: Firefly 00

I made a Ripcord custom about 3 years ago (he's posted on the site), and while I liked him, he still needed something. In the process of making a whole bunch of other 84 remakes, I got the urge to try Ripcord again. I tried to stay pretty close to the original, since he was one of my favorites as a kid. This figure isn't all that different from my first version, but if you see them in person, it's a vast improvement.

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