Entire figure (25th Anniversary Cobra Diver), Mask, Hose & Dive Vest (ARAH Undertow), Trident (ARAH Undertow), Dive Sled (ARAH Undertow), Flippers (ARAH Undertow), Knife (25th Anniversary Greenshirt), Pistol (Marauder, Inc.), Submachinegun (RoC Pit Commando)

Undertow are the Iron Grenadier's frogmen. It is said that there is nothing they won't swim through to get the job done. The vest came from the ARAH Undertow figure. Essentially, I just Dremelled away all of the torso except for the parts that I wanted. The front and back pieces were then super glued together and it fit perfectly around the neck of the figure. When I started this figure, I had planned to repaint it according to the ARAH color scheme. Then I realized that the existing color scheme already had the two primary colors of the IG forces - red and black. I needed only to add some gold trim to make this guy fit right in with the others. Yeah, you can argue that I took the lazy way out and you'd be partially right. But I realized that using the existing color scheme also meant that I wouldn't need to be concerned with paint rub at the joints.

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