Head (Overkill Creations), Upper Torso (RoC Gung-Ho), Lower Torso, Arms & Legs (25th Anniversary Battle Armor Cobra Commander), Armored Vest (25th Anniversary Zartan), Machine Pistol, Missile Launchers & Backpack (ARAH Metal-Head v1)

While Metal-Head is probably the most ridiculous and unrealistic of Destro's senior IG leaders, I couldn't quite bring myself to leave him out of this group. I liked the overall look of the Convention Exclusive Metal-Head, but if I was going to make him I wanted him to have the classic version 1 missile launchers. The only difficult part was figuring out how to attach the missile launchers to his legs. I obtained a vintage Metal-Head on ebay for the accessories and I had planned to use his upper legs with the existing mounting studs. When he arrived, I found that this plan would have worked - if both studs had not been broken off. So, I improvised. I used a pair of pliers to hold a very thin nail, while heating the tip of the nail with a flame. While the tip was hot, I used it to make a hole in the desired spot on the leg. After doing this with both legs, I cut two nails to the proper length and inserted them into the thighs. These now served as the mounting studs for the missile launchers. They are ever so slightly off kilter from each other, but it was probably the best that could be expected given the crude method I used. Everything else on this figure was a simple matter of painting according to my source material. The head and goggles set was ordered from Overkill Creations for $3. The rest of the figure sat idle for a couple of weeks until it arrived, but I think it was worth the wait.

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